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The Jarvis Scouting 2023 Database is now available

The 2023 scouting database includes 375 detailed scouting reports that agents can use to both identify prospects or gain additional knowledge on them. Using insights from those who've been in NFL buildings and combining them with best practices in decision-making and cognitive psychology, this product is designed to fill a niche that pricy singular report providers and broad preliminary grades don't capture well. Whether you're looking for players who could sneak into the mid rounds or likely priority free agents who can make a roster, there should be something in here for you. Here are some samples of both the database and a player report.

Database Sample

database picture.png

Report Sample

chase brice picture.jpg

Notes: Players included in this database are primarily seniors playing quarterback, running back, offensive line, defensive line, or linebacker. Background information is still being added to the database as of 9/5/22.


For purchase information, please contact.

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